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Our Responsibility

It is our responsibility to guide and coach aspiring sales professionals to the highest ethical standards. We serve our clients with timeless values of integrity, excellence and empathy as our guiding principles.

We define integrity through accountability, honesty and reliability. Accountability is about taking responsibility for our actions, not only with respect to our clients, but also each other. We distinguish ourselves by being honour bound and honest – at all levels in the company. Reliability is a key part of the services we provide, but also a trait that is highly valued within the Sales Coaching Academy.

Our Approach

At the Sales Coaching Academy, we get absolutely clear on what would take you from your current situation to an extraordinary career in sales and identify blockages, mindset issues and limitations that are keeping you from moving forwards.

We realise that every individual is unique and therefore we put together a specific plan of action for you to get where you want to be. The biggest hurdle people face in getting to where they want to be is accountability. Most people who try to achieve their career goals alone fall short. It’s too easy to quit when things get tough, but we don’t let you.

Our Mission

At the Sales Coaching Academy, our mission is to provide world class sales coaching services that not only change the trajectory of one’s career, but positively change lives.

We help people acquire new sales skills and help them gain the confidence they need to start a career in sales and increase their earning potential. Our goal is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their performance that helps them develop into exceptional sales professionals. We strive hard to serve our clients and we firmly believe we will be successful if our clients are successful.



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Helping people step out of mediocrity into extraordinary

Sales is a profession that requires confidence and self-belief. It’s okay if you don’t feel that way about yourself right now because as well as learning key sales skills that will enhance your career prospects, you will rediscover your confidence and self-belief to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life. You will also recognise and appreciate that you are talented, amazing and simply the best at being you.

We will develop you to be a fearless sales professional, because it’s often that only salespeople that meet with a company’s most valuable assets, their customers.


Working together on you

We recognise that you are almost certain to make more money in sales than in technical or administrative jobs.

Companies need to make sales to survive, and usually reward successful sales people highly, to ensure that they stay in the job. And it’s fair: the better the sales person, the more they will earn. For many, this is often the main reason why a sales career is chosen initially.

Beyond the potential of making a lot of money in sales. We help you develop the right mindset to attract all the success and abundance you’ve wanted in your life. We encourage accountability by not making excuses, realising your potential and helping you construct an empowering reality.


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