Reduce the complexity in selling

Did you know that our brains weigh approximately 2% of our overall body weight – yet it consumes up to 20% of our energy? That is why, when you’re doing brain draining tasks like solving complex problems, working through mountains of paperwork or studying for exams, your brain feels like its fried! When you’re presenting something that requires a lot of brain power from your prospect, that’s when you might notice them fiddling with their phones, checking their email, or staring into space, wishing they were somewhere else. As a consequence, selling becomes harder.

Help your prospect by making their decision easier by keeping things simple. Eliminate complexity in the buying process.

> Write shorter, concise emails.
> Remove unnecessary material from your proposals.
> Add value in every interaction you have with your prospect
> Takeaway the risk: pilot schemes and proof of concepts.
> Sell the outcome not the features and benefits.

Apple sold the ipod – “1000 songs in your pocket” not the bits and bytes.