Satisfied Clients

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I've now moved on to one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and that's all thanks to the help Adil gave me at the start of my career.

Kevin McCormack,

Adil has outstanding skills, he’s been a great coach and a mentor to me. His patience and his understanding of sales was invaluable to me in terms of my own results.

Diane Mogannam,

I would definitely credit the £2M pipeline that I generated as an enterprise sales development representative to Adil’s training and coaching.

Anu Panesar,

Adil has helped me find the right career path and has had a strong impact on my performance. I feel empowered, Adil is great to work with.

Antoine Besse,

What makes Adil a really good coach is that he understands both the challenges of the market and the challenges you are facing as an individual.

Maurizio Capitta,

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