Top 5 Reasons to Start a Career in Sales

I know of so many people in my immediate circle of family and friends who are hard working, intelligent, smart, with huge potential, but are still stuck in low paid – dead end jobs that they complain about day in day out. I’ve never understood why people choose to settle for less than they deserve? 

I’ve learnt, that life is too short and precious to be wasting time doing something you hate. The profession of sales can be a really rewarding, it has not only changed my career, but has changed my LIFE.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should choose to start a career in sales:

1) We’re not all natural born academics (however education certainly helps). You can get a job as a sales professional, without having any formal education or experience.

2) The profession of sales has a relatively easy route to entry. The earning potential is huge. With the enough experience behind you, you can easily go on to make 6 figures! In some cases, sales professionals have unlimited earning potential, with many earning more than doctors, lawyers and engineers!

3) As you get better at sales, the reality is, it is highly unlikely that you will be out of a job. Lets look at it this way – when the economy is doing great, sales professionals are always needed! when the economy sinks like a lead balloon, which type professionals do you think will be most needed to help drive growth? you guessed it, it’s sales professionals!

4) Sales is one of the few professions where you can really fast track you career. I started off in telesales and progressed up to team leader, inside sales manager, then I started managing multiple teams and was actively selling too! The world is your oyster!

5) The world of sales is full of tips, tricks, hacks, techniques and tools you can leverage to accelerate the sales cycle and close deals. If you invest the time, you will find yourself on a path of continuous learning and self improvement.